Sid Patel from BTN on What's Next in the Drinks Industry

Photo for: Sid Patel from BTN on What's Next in the Drinks Industry

Technology is escalating the drinks industry, it’s time to explore all the ways in which technology is transforming every aspect of the drinks industry.


We all can see what’s happening around us, brands are made digitally, DTC continues to grow, there is more and more automation being implemented in vineyards and distilleries, the 3-tier system is being played in many ways to get to the consumer, the speed of creating and the options of products are increasing, retailers are making more private labels, crypto currencies are coming, NFTs will come up in high-end wines and cult brands. The real question is, are you doing anything about it? 

This is the very question that we are trying to solve with this expo. We are reading headlines about what's happening around us but it's time to learn and put that learning into work in your own companies and prepare your companies for the future.

My goal is to bring top industry leaders who are moving our drinks industry forward, to you. This one day conference will include leading speakers and top of the line vendors who are at the forefront of the industry and will help you make this happen.

Join me. It's time we invest in the framework that will be needed for the next run. Get involved. 

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