DTC in the Digital Age of Wine - Justin Noland

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Justin Noland with Co - Speaker Mr. Shem Swerkes talks about selling direct to consumers in the Digital Age of Wine.


A global pandemic kicked open the door of online alcohol sales. It is forcing the industry to reconsider consumer relationships and how brands are built online. From conversational marketing, to KPI shifts in digital media spend, to understanding digitally influenced sales, join us for an open conversation about what “DTC” really means today and how it is leading digital transformation across the industry. In this video, Justin Noland with Co - Speaker Mr. Shem Swerkes discuss their perspectives on 'DTC in the Digital Age of Wine'.

About Justin Noland

Justin Noland is the Senior Director, DTC Marketing and eCommerce at Treasury Wine Estates. Impacts growth by leveraging my experience in omni-channel marketing to develop functional and creative strategies that I lead from the whiteboard through implementation and analysis. Accomplished senior level manager capable of building and inspiring a team towards organizational success. Relishes an entrepreneurial approach to strategy while delivering a corporate focused attention to P/L, Customer Acquisition Cost, and Customer Lifetime Value.

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