Direct-to-consumer sales in 2022 and beyond - Connor Clarkes

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Connor Clarkes, Enterprise Account Executive at Commerce7, speaks about building direct-to-consumer sales channels for your brand at the Future Drinks Expo.


Most wine shops and offline beverage services around the world have a plethora of beverages to offer to their consumers. On top of the “go to the nearest shop and buy your usual” routine, there are experimental tastings and subscription models that are actively impacting how users consume their beverages today. In this clutter of communication and experiences, how does one sell directly to a consumer? Connor Clarkes, Enterprise Account Executive at Commerce7, takes a deep dive in how to speak to the consumer directly and build direct-to-consumer sales channels for your brand.

In this video, you can learn the tangible steps you can take to sell more and grow your average lifetime value, order value, and direct-to-consumer sales this year - and into the future. 

About Connor Clarkes

Wineries that pivoted to provide stronger engagement and club subscription experiences saw a huge boost in sales through 2020 and continue to grow today. Connor Clarkes helps wineries build the best customer experience possible on their tasting room, club, and eCommerce channels. Connor is an Enterprise Account executive at Commerce7. Commerce7 empowers wineries with the right tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences every step along the way.

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