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Lewis Perdue's broad and successful education and careers in technology, physics, biology, chemistry, publishing, wine, & university teaching have equipped him with the cross-disciplinary vision and creativity to find solutions and create products overlooked by others.

He's been a company founder, CEO, CTO, and strategic guide to many ventures ranging from start-ups like Kalpana (acquired by Cisco) & Lynx Software Systems to large organizations like NEC, HP, and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center).

Lew has taught full-time at Cornell, UCLA, and in the MBA program at Sonoma State University. He's also been a Managing Director for MSL Group.

As Pocketpass founder and CTO, Lew designed & launched the first mobile payments system in 1999 . Pocketpass (sold to SVC Financial in 2003) offered a fully functional wireless and online stored value payment system that also enabled content micropayments and allowed individuals to sell digital goods without the need of third-party systems like the Apple Store.

At age 17, Lew was a Westinghouse Science Talent Search Finalist and International Science and Engineering Fair award winner for his work integrating a high energy particle accelerator with an ion space propulsion engine designed to use the solar flux for fuel. An adaptation of that concept now powers NASA's Dawn mission.

In addition, Lew is a NY Times best-selling author of 22 published fiction & non-fiction books (, and is the publisher and owner of numerous online ventures as well as a the largest circulation business publication for the wine industry.

Perdue is a prize-winning journalist and one of the original columnists for TheStreet.Com. He has also been a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Online, Marketwatch and for many "dead tree" publications including InfoWorld, The Washington Post, Gannett, Dow Jones and more.

Lew worked a full-time job to put himself through Cornell University where he received his B.S. degree "With Distinction."


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