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When you really boil it down, at my core, I am a creator and builder. The status quo is my enemy.

Throughout my career, I have been constantly fueled by my ever-curious entrepreneurial spirit, which has led me down many interesting paths, some that ended in flames, but all of which have led me to where I am today.

Through my current role as Co-Founder and CEO of Speakeasy Co., the leading DTC solution for beverage alcohol brands, we are empowering partners for the first time ever, to sell directly to consumers from their own respective website, without disrupting the three-tier system. I am currently fueled by our ability to help businesses not only stay afloat during these turbulent times, but also provide them with the autonomy to drive their own destiny and scale moving forward.

While I may not know it all, I have failed and succeeded many times throughout the course of my life, and am here to connect with all who would like to engage, collaborate, and defeat the status quo.


Meet our 2023 conference speakers

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