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Jennie Gilbert is an experienced Technology Entrepreneur with a passion for designing software that helps businesses solve thorny problems. As a Founder of RedChirp, Jennie is obsessed with helping businesses meet consumers’ newly expanded expectations for virtual interactions. Calling and emailing may have been enough before, but now 89% of consumers want to text with businesses. RedChirp makes texting for highly regulated businesses easy: phone numbers, compliance, web chat, payments, marketing campaigns and more. 

A true nerd at heart, Jennie loves spreadsheets and a good data set to dig into. She recently completed a case study in collaboration with the WISE Academy testing 5 ways wineries can more effectively communicate with their prospect and customers through texting. Jennie is a frequent speaker at business conferences and the co-author of two books, “RE:Market: New digital techniques independent retailers can use now to compete better, grow faster and work smarter” (2017) and “RE:THiNK: 11 surprising things you should do now to win retail customers in the digital age” (2015). 

When not in the office, Jennie spends time cooking with her husband and watching garbage truck videos with her toddler-aged son. Her most prized possession is their well-worn – and heavily stained – wine-tasting notebook.



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